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Subscription Agreement

This Affiliate Partner Subscription Agreement (“Agreement”) is made between you (“the affiliate”) and Affiliate Roulette (“the Company”), a company incorporated and existing under the laws of Malta. By subscribing to our services, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

2. Subscription Plans and Payments

2.1 The Company offers the following subscription plans:

  • Annual Subscription: 249 Euros per year.

2.2 By choosing a subscription plan, the Subscriber agrees to pay the Company the subscription fee indicated for that service.

2.3 The subscription fee is non-refundable except as expressly set forth in this Agreement.

2.4 Subscriptions are billed in advance on a yearly basis and are non-refundable for the subscription period they are purchased for.

2.5 Payments are due for any month or year on the same date, or the closest date in that month, to the day you made your first monthly or annual payment (the “Pay Date”).

2.6 Unless the Subscriber notifies the Company before the end of the applicable subscription period that the Subscriber wants to cancel a subscription, the Subscriber’s subscription will automatically renew and the Subscriber authorizes the Company to collect the applicable subscription fee using any credit card or other payment mechanism the Company has on record for the Subscriber.

3. Cancellation and Termination

3.1 Subscribers are solely responsible for properly cancelling the subscription. Subscribers can cancel the subscription at any time by sending an email to our support team.

3.2 All of the Subscriber’s Content will be inaccessible from the services immediately upon cancellation.

3.3 If the Subscriber cancels the subscription before the end of the Subscriber’s current paid up year, the cancellation will take effect immediately, and the Subscriber will not be charged again. But there will not be any prorating of unused time in the last billing cycle.

4. Chargebacks and Reversals

4.1 In the event that the Subscriber initiates a chargeback or payment dispute, the Company reserves the right to terminate the Subscriber’s account immediately. 

4.2 The Company reserves the right to dispute any chargeback or payment dispute initiated by the Subscriber or on the Subscriber’s behalf. If the Subscriber disputes a charge to the Subscriber’s credit card issuer that, in the Company’s sole discretion, is a valid charge under the provisions of this Agreement, the Subscriber agrees to pay the Company an additional “Chargeback Handling Fee” of 50 Euros.

5. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malta. Any disputes relating to this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that country.

By subscribing to our services, the Subscriber is agreeing to these terms.